Phase I

In Phase I, you will learn the basics of the robot platform to be used during this project, the Khepera II. Your goal will be to execute a very simple random-walk algorithm on the robots which will cause the robots to move randomly while avoiding obstacles and each other.

First, read the Khepera overview page. It will give you an introduction to the robots and tell you how to program them. Then, design a very simple random walk algorithm. It could be something like: move forward unless you sense an obstacle, in which case, turn a random amount. Or: randomly decide between moving forward 1 cm or turning 10 degrees, unless you sense an obstacle, in which case definitely turn.

Write the code and put it on the robots. Run it on a bunch of robots, either on the field in the lab, or in a smaller environment (a flat box that has been cut in half works well, we have one in the lab).

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