Welcome to the CS266 Multi-Robot Project


This website concerns the Harvard computer science class CS266, taught by Radhika Nagpal in the spring of 2010. It contains information on the multi-robot project component of the class. The main class website (with general information, schedules, etc) is here.

Not all students in the class will be involved with this project, so if you are not, you can mostly ignore this page (although you may still find the simulator overview useful).

Project Overview

The goal of this project is for you to gain experience with multi-robot systems. In the limited time available, you will learn about algorithms designed for such systems, design algorithms of your own, and implement them on a collection of actual robots.

The project will be broken into three phases. They are summarized here and explained in more detail on dedicated pages.

  • Phase I - You will learn the basics of the our robot platform, the Khepera II, and implement a very simple movement. The purpose of this is for you to learn how to write code for the robots, make the robots execute your code, read the sensors, send commands to the motors, learn how to handle the robots themselves, etc.
  • Phase II - We have a simple multi-robot simulator, and in phase II, you will learn how to use the simulator (if you have not already earlier in the class) and experiment with and develop more complex multi-agent algorithms. Specifically, you will use the simulator to develop maze solving algorithms. You will implement and characterize various algorithms, at least one of which is implementable on the Kheperas.
  • Phase III - Implement one of your maze-solving algorithms on the Kheperas in the lab. Compare its performance to your simulation.


There is limited space in the lab and a limited number of robots. The way we share this depends on the number of people participating in the project. It is likely that we will split the group up into two sections and have a number of 'lab days' during which each section will come in and work on the project. The specifics will be announced once we know how many people will particiapte.

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